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Evangelist & CEO of GDS Healthcare

Jesus is King of Kings

Giftson Daniel Evangelist

GIFTSON DANIEL EVANGELIST is currently settled in Chicago, United States. Through an amazing and anointed ministry spanning several years, he has touched the lives of many people, helping them experience the victorious life in Christ. He started preaching the Gospel at the age of 10, and God saw his heart’s desire and honored him. Now, in his younger years, he preaches in hundreds of places for the Kingdom of Christ. Giftson Daniel Evangelist was born as the first child of Senior Pastor T. Devadas and Sheeja Rose Evangelist. He excelled in school, graduating as the top student. Giftson completed his undergraduate studies in Aeronautical Engineering as a University Rank Holder. To pursue his entrepreneurial dreams, he pursued an MBA. Later, he married Snerin, who is a healthcare professional in Chicago. God has blessed them with children. Giftson then established multiple companies with his family and currently serves as the CEO of GDS Healthcare.


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Our Motto

“Our paramount objective is the salvation of the utmost multitude of souls inhabiting the Earth.”

“Amidst life’s uncertainties, stand firm in holiness for Christ. Remain anchored in His truth, walking in His light, as we eagerly await His triumphant return.”

Giftson Daniel

“Get ready! Jesus is coming soon. Let His impending arrival inspire us to seek righteousness and love.”

Snerin Daniel